How we’re investing responsibly

We want to build better futures by investing your money better. That means aiming to grow your money but doing it in a way that does more to help our planet and the people on it.

Through Irish Life Investment Managers (ILIM) we do this by:

  • Reducing our exposure to carbon intensive companies
  • Using our position as stakeholders to influence companies to act better
  • Being committed to a lower carbon future
  • Being one of the first Irish companies to sign up to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investing (UNPRI)


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What difference are you making?

If you have an Irish Life Assurance pension or investment, first, click on the drop down menu to find your fund. Then, choose to see the overall reduction in carbon emissions invested at a fund level, or for your individual investment, expressed in real world terms.

Data inputs correct as at November 2023, updated quarterly and conversion factors semi-annually.

The Difference

Fund holdings captured have $$ lower carbon emissions than a comparative benchmark


Carbon emission reductions are first calculated in terms of kgCO2. This is based on Scope 1 + Scope 2 carbon emissions. This is then expressed in terms of some tangible examples such as car kms driven, or light bulb hours. Please note all of the emission reductions quoted are per annum and relate to the equity and corporate bond components of a portfolio (giving 50-90% coverage of total assets, depending on the fund), when compared to an equivalent investment in the appropriate benchmark index composite for that strategy.

For each real world emissions example we divide the reduction in annual CO2 emissions owned(expressed in kgC02, for the relevant investment quantity) by the appropriate conversion factor, such as 0.11, for conversion to effective Car Kilometres Driven. Conversion factors(“x” kg) and source are indicated below.

For example – for a 10,000 euro investment, where the level of annual portfolio emissions is 240kg lower than an equivalent investment in the appropriate benchmark index composite for that strategy, the reduction in emission owned in terms of Car Kilometres Driven would be 240/0.11 = 2182km.

CO2 Equivalent car kilometres driven (0.11kg)
Quantity of CO2 emitted driving an average newly registered EU car(internal combustion engine) 1 km.
European Environment Agency

CO2 Equivalent average daily car round-trip commutes (3.42kg)
Quantity of CO2 emitted driving an average daily 32km(RAC estimate) round trip commute for a newly registered EU car(internal combustion engine).
European Environment Agency
RAC Foundation

CO2 Equivalent Litres Petrol burned (2.3kg)
Natural Resources Canada

CO2 Equivalent Energy Efficient Light Bulb Hours(0.0023kg)
Represents the expected CO2 emissions from 1 hours usage of a typical 500 lumen LED bulb(6W), based on Irish electrical grid(2020) average CO2 emissions per unit electricity (0.389kg).
Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

ILIM update numbers Quarterly

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