As your trusted investment partner, we are committed to delivering innovative, robust strategies that help you achieve your investment goals. We place the highest value on original research, using intellectual rigour to question traditional paradigms. As transparency is a key part of our partnerships with clients, we commit to sharing these insights with you. Below, you’ll find some of our recent market commentaries and thought leadership.

Latest Weekly Market Review

The week that was – WEEK 20 2018 (ending 18/05/2018)

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Quarter in Review Q1 2018

Our Chief Economist, Lenny Mcloughlin, discusses key market and economic developments. Published quarterly, Lenny also provides a market outlook.

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Market Pulse - February 2018

Each month, our Chief Economist, Lenny Mcloughlin, sifts through market noise to pinpoint the key themes that have influenced markets – and impacted your investments. Lenny also shares his insights on the forces shaping markets in the short-to-medium term.

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Foreign Currency Hedging on Global Equity Portfolios

As investors increasingly allocate to globally diversified portfolios, currency movements have a greater bearing on the variability of returns. Consequently, managing currency risk becomes a critical strategic decision for investors.

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Designing Solutions for Clients

As a leading and recognised solutions provider, we pride ourselves on creating innovative services and products for our clients that are underpinned by the intellectual rigour and disciplined methodology that defines our business. In this guide, we outline our approach to portfolio modelling, and demonstrate how we have helped clients and partners design and deliver investment solutions for a variety of different objectives.

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Emerging Markets Low Volatility Active Equity Strategy

For many years, the favourable demographics and high economic growth in emerging markets (EM) have caught the eye of investors. More recently, political efforts to unravel red tape (India) and encourage foreign investment (China) have further fuelled investors’ hope that economic development will translate into shareholder returns.

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Dynamic Share to Cash Strategy

The concept of diversification is one we’re all familiar with. In the past, investors typically sought a wide range of assets that reflected their appetite for risk, spread that risk and strived for returns. But, while diversification provides protection over the longer term, the Global Financial Crisis demonstrated that diversification alone – whether by asset class or geography – is not sufficient to protect portfolios from the losses that arise in extreme market falls. Additional tools are required.

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Multi factor Active Equity Strategies

For investors today, maximising returns while avoiding unrewarded risks is increasingly vital. But this can be challenging, especially in times of high equity valuations and low yields. To fulfil this need, investors are turning to multi-factor solutions, which can complement or replace their existing equity allocations.

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Global Low Volatility Active Equity Strategy

In this strategy guide, we outline the insights and research that prompted us to create the Global Low Volatility Active Equity Strategy, and explain how the strategy can help investors to achieve their desired outcomes.


Whitepaper - An Introduction to Factor Investing

This white paper, An Introduction to Factor Investing, is written and presented by ILIM’s Indexation and Quantitative Strategies teams. Highly qualified and experienced, the team has applied the academic scrutiny you would expect from Ireland’s leading asset manager.

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