We understand that clients rely on active processes to deliver specific outcomes, not just pure market returns.

We have used quantitative multi-factor techniques as part of our active investment processes for over 20 years. United by a commitment to delivering solutions, our close engagement with clients and partners enables us to deliver innovative, and above all, relevant investment solutions that are highly adaptable and tailored to meet the real needs facing investors today.

Central to our ethos is proprietary research, which drives a methodical and systematic approach to our core investment philosophy; multi-factor investing.


Our approach

We manage a comprehensive range of quantitative strategies, united by a clear investment approach that underpins the investment processes across our product and solution range. Our approach is best summarised as an evidence-based, multi-factor approach.

Solution orientated: We pride ourselves on developing solutions that harness our research insights, and which focus on meeting our clients’ evolving investment objectives.

Evidence-based research: We seek to understand what drives markets by identifying and understanding factors, then harnessing these factors for different client objectives. Recognising the cyclical nature of these factors, we combine them in a systematic way to deliver superior risk-adjusted performance.

Risk controlled: Our quantitative processes are designed and implemented using a disciplined approach to ensure that we capture exposure to desired factors.

The outcome is a range of reliable investment solutions that allows investors to meet desired outcomes across all asset classes, risk and return profiles. Our approach has delivered a proven track record of delivering to our clients’ objectives across economic various cycles.


Reasons to invest

As well as delivering a proven track record of performance, we differentiate our quantitative capabilities in the following ways:

Client-driven solutions

We pride ourselves on developing solutions. United by a commitment to delivering solutions, our close engagement with clients and partners enables us to deliver innovative, and above all, relevant investment solutions that are highly adaptable and tailored to meet the real needs facing investors today.

Should you need a tailor-made solution, we can help. Our product set is expandable to include a range of customised quantitative solutions and services specific to your requirements.

Experience where it counts

As an early pioneer of multi-factor techniques, our award-winning team has embedded quantitative analysis into our investment processes for over 20 years. Our team has earned a proven track record of designing solutions to meet a wide range of client objectives.

Robust research, practical solutions

All of our research is underpinned by the single focus on delivering better investment outcomes for our clients. Our clients have entrusted us with their assets because of our proven skill in turning research findings into practical solutions, which deliver across economic cycles and for different client objectives.


Our Strategies

All of our investment strategies are underpinned by our proprietary research and quantitative multi-factor investment approach. We currently offer the following quantitative strategies (on a global or regional basis) which can be tailored to suit client specific objective.

Risk reduction strategies

  • Low Volatility Active Equity Strategies: These strategies offer a unique and robust solution for investors seeking to reduce their exposure to risk within their equity portfolios. These strategies are designed to reduce the drawdown and volatility experience of equity markets, while still capturing the long-term return potential of equity markets.
  • Dynamic Share to Cash Strategy (DSC): This strategy offers an innovative solution for investors seeking to manage the equity market risk at an asset class level. This strategy is designed to reduce the exposure to significant and sustained losses that arises from extreme market events. At the same it, it still captures the long-term return potential of equity markets.
  • Dynamic Currency Hedging Strategies: These strategies offer a dynamic solution for investors seeking to manage the currency risk within their investment portfolios.

Alpha-generation strategies

  • Multi-Factor Active Equity Strategies: These strategies offer a robust solution for investors seeking to generate stable and consistent performance over equity markets, without taking significant additional risk (defined as tracking error) relative to the equity market. These strategies are highly flexible, and can be customised to meet clients’ specific needs and objectives.


Our team

Our team of quantitative researchers and portfolio managers has been integral to our success.

Our researchers develop the strategies at the core of our approach to quantitative multi-factor investing.

Our quantitative portfolio managers are responsible for consistently translating our strategies into client portfolios, portfolio monitoring and strategy enhancements.

By leveraging this skill and experience, we delivered a range of solutions that are highly adaptable and tailored to meet the real needs facing investors today.

Key Contacts


  • Anthony MacGuinness

    Head of Quantitative Strategies Group +353-1-856-3285 Email

    Anthony is a member of the Executive Management team and the Fund Management Executive, holding overall responsibility as Head of the Quantitative Strategies Group. He leads the research and development of ILIM’s quantitative investment strategies and portfolio solutions for the institutional and retail market.

    In recent years, Anthony and his team have been responsible for developing ILIM’s range of multi-factor active equity funds and risk management strategies, including the Dynamic Share to Cash and Global Low Volatility Strategies. In addition, his team is responsible for ILIM’s flagship multi-asset fund range (MAPS). He has broad multi-asset experience, having previously worked in senior portfolio management roles within ILIM, where he was responsible for advising clients on asset allocation and liability management decisions.

    Prior to joining ILIM, Anthony worked in quantitative research roles for Irish National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) and Pioneer Investment Managers. He holds a primary degree in Economics from Trinity College Dublin and holds both the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) designations.

  • Donie O'Brien

    Head of Quant Portfolio Management +353-1-856-3546 Email

    Donie is responsible for fund management activities on ILIM's range of quantitative investment strategies, such as the range of Low Volatility Active Equity and Multifactor Equity Funds; and for client and sales support activities relating to ILIM's quantitative investment products.

    Donie led the research into ILIM’s Low-Volatility active equity strategies and is the lead Portfolio Manager on this range of funds.  He is also responsible for maintaining and adding to our internal quantitative portfolio risk management tools.

    Prior to joining ILIM in January 2013 he worked in high frequency algorithmic FX trading at Commerzbank AG, London and as a Quantitative Trading Analyst at William Hill.  He earned a PhD in Mathematical Physics from Trinity College Dublin and a BSc in Mathematics from University College Dublin.

  • Ronan Bradley

    Head of Quantitative Research +353-1-704-2958 Email

    Ronan leads the Research team within the Quantitative Strategies Group, responsible for researching, back-testing and implementing quantitative investment strategies across a variety of asset classes.

    Within the equity space, he has led the research agenda which now covers over 100 proprietary factors and developed ILIM’s multi-factor stock selection model. In the area of foreign exchange, he has developed the last two iterations of ILIM’s currency model. Within asset allocation, he has developed the Dynamic Share to Cash model, a core component of ILIM’s multi-asset funds, and more recently a Bond-Cash model for sovereign fixed income strategies. Other research areas include the development and deployment of asset risk models and portfolio optimisation tools. 

    Prior to joining ILIM, Ronan earned a PhD in Electromagnetic Modelling (TCD), a master’s degree in Theoretical Physics (TCD), and a BSc. in Physics and Applied Mathematics (QUB).

  • Darragh O’Dowd

    Head of Portfolio Solutions +353-1-704-2048 Email

    Darragh is Head of ILIM’s Portfolio Solutions team. He is responsible for the overall design and management of Irish Life’s MAPS, Ireland’s fastest growing retail multi-asset solution. Darragh and his team are also responsible for helping our clients, across all distribution platforms, design portfolios congruent with their specific objectives and constraints.

    Darragh joined ILIM in 2007 as a Quantitative Analyst within the Quantitative Strategies Group. Darragh currently lectures “Quantitative Methods in Finance” to MSc Finance, MSc Quantitative Finance and MSc in Aviation Finance students at UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School on a part-time basis. Prior to joining ILIM, Darragh worked as a research assistant and also taught various courses for the Finance Department at UCD including Corporate Finance, Econometrics, and Financial Modelling.

    Darragh earned a Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) from University College Dublin in 2000, a master’s degree in Quantitative Finance from UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School in 2002, and a master’s degree in Statistics (MSc) from UCD in 2013. He holds both the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) designations.

  • Paul Murray

    Quantitative Portfolio Manager +353-1-856-3759 Email

    As a member of the Quantitative Research team, Paul is responsible for the ongoing identification and refinement of ILIM’s proprietary factor model inputs and multi-factor modelling approach. Since joining ILIM, he has led several research projects, including ESG factor identification.

    Paul has over 10 years of investment experience at leading buy-side institutions. Prior to joining ILIM, he worked for Callisto Asset Management, a systematic equity market neutral fund manager, where he was a Senior Research Analyst and Portfolio Manager responsible for the development and oversight of investment strategies.

    He also held a quantitative research position at Fidelity International, where he was involved in the development of global equity strategies and was co-lead on the systematic-based optimised and passive fund mandates, which held a combined AUM of c. $3 billion. Before joining Fidelity, Paul spent four years as a senior member of the Quantitative Equity team at Pioneer Investment Management, where he was responsible for alpha strategy development and portfolio management of the Pioneer European Quant Equity fund ($1billion AUM).

    Paul has an MSc in Quantitative Finance from University College Dublin, and a BSc in Financial & Actuarial Mathematics from Dublin City University. He also holds the Investment Management Certificate (IMC) from the CFA Society of the UK

  • Niall Cassidy

    Quantitative Analyst +353-1-704-1375 Email

    Niall joined the Quantitative Strategies Group in January 2014.

    Prior to joining ILIM, Niall worked as a Quantitative Analyst with proprietary algorithmic trading firm Casimir Trading Systems, designing and back-testing trading strategies. He has also worked as an Options Market Maker for Sequoia Capital Ltd, and as an Account Manager for Citco Fund Services.

    Niall earned a B.A. in International Business (French & German) from Dublin City University in 2002, a B.A. in Economics and Finance from the National University of Ireland Maynooth in 2004. He also holds a BSc. in Mathematics from Dublin Institute of Technology (2012) and a MSc. in Quantitative Finance from UCD Michael Smurfit Business School (2013).

  • Donal O’Donoghue

    Quantitative Analyst +353-1-856-3101 Email

    Donal has been a member of the Quantitative Strategies group in ILIM since 2014, working on research and development projects involving the teams systematic investment strategies. He has worked primarily in the equity space, supporting research into the multi-factor and low volatility active equity strategies, leading the project to launch the latter strategy in Emerging Markets in 2017.

     Prior to joining ILIM, Donal completed a PhD in Biophysics and an MRes in Modelling Biological Complexity, both at University College London, and studied Physics at undergraduate level in University College Cork.

  • Ruoxi Dong

    Quantitative Portfolio Solution Analyst +353-1-856-3768 Email

    Ruoxi has worked in ILIM’s Quantitative Strategies Group since June 2015. He is primarily responsible for portfolio modelling as part of the Portfolio Solutions team. This includes simulation, backtesting, research and implementation of modelling methodologies, along with modelling system maintenance. 

    Prior to joining ILIM, Ruoxi obtained a BSc in both Mechanical Engineering and Mathematical Finance from Xiamen University China over the course of 2010-2014. He graduated with first class honours in MSc Quantitative Finance at UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, Ireland in 2015.

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